• R PERWAIZ Department of Critical Care Medicine, Bahria International Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan
  • MB ATTA Department of Internal Medicine, Bahria International Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan
  • M MALIK Department of Internal Medicine, Bahria International Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan
  • AHA AWAD Medical Intensive Care Unit, Rashid Hospital, Dubai Health, Dubai UAE
  • AM ABDELBAKY Medical Intensive Care Unit, Rashid Hospital, Dubai Health, Dubai UAE
  • MI SHOAIB Medical Intensive Care Unit, Rashid Hospital, Dubai Health, Dubai UAE
  • WG ELMASRY Medical Intensive Care Unit, Rashid Hospital, Dubai Health, Dubai UAE




Physical rehabilitation; ICU mobility; Interprofessional collaboration; Patient engagement; Safety standards


This mini-review discusses the importance of physical rehabilitation in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) to mitigate physical, mental, and psychological problems among critically ill patients. Early and customised physical activities that encourage patient movement from in-bed activities to walking are highlighted. A systematic review of 60 trials (n = 5352) showed that physical rehabilitation improves physical function and reduces ICU stay duration compared to conventional treatment. Despite its benefits, physical therapy is underutilised due to perceived safety issues. Recommendations for effective physical rehabilitation include interprofessional collaboration, addressing specific hurdles, and utilising mobility equipment. Patients should be assessed daily for rehabilitation eligibility, and a proactive culture for mobilisation should be promoted. While physical therapy is generally safe, it requires balancing risks and benefits, especially for patients with extended ICU stays. Structured exercise routines and patient engagement are crucial during the ICU stay, and regular evaluation of mobilisation and physical activity outcomes is essential at ICU discharge and follow-up. The overall goal is to enhance patient recovery and independence, emphasising the need for early physical rehabilitation interventions.


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PERWAIZ , R., ATTA , M., MALIK , M., AWAD , A., ABDELBAKY , A., SHOAIB , M., & ELMASRY , W. (2023). RISING NEED OF PHYSICAL REHABILITATION IN ICU. Pakistan Journal of Intensive Care Medicine, 3(02), 25. https://doi.org/10.54112/pjicm.v3i02.25



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