• MA Rana Department of Internal and Critical Care Medicine, Bahria International Hospital, Lahore
  • A Qayyum Department of Internal Medicine and Nephrology, Bahria International Hospital, Lahore
  • M Hashmi Department of Critical care Nursing and Education, Bahria International Hospital, Lahore
  • MMU Saif Department of Critical care Nursing and Education, Bahria International Hospital, Lahore
  • MF Munir Department of Critical care Nursing and Education, Bahria International Hospital, Lahore
  • R Pervaiz Department of Internal and Critical Care Medicine, Bahria International Hospital, Lahore
  • S Iqbal Department of Cardiac Imaging. North West Heart Centre, Wythenshawe Hospital, Southmoor Road, M23 9LT, Manchester, UK
  • MM Hafeez Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan



Acute coronary syndrome, Biochemical markers, COVID-19 Infection, Comorbid conditions, Mortality


Background: Since SARS CoV-2 infection began in China and has evolved into a pandemic, mortality associated with this illness has been under discussion and hypercoagubility, severe acute respiratory syndrome and septicemia with multiple organ insufficiency have been cursed as potential causes of death in cases infected with the novel coronavirus. We did a retrospective analysis of cases admitted to our highly dependent and intensive care unit, and we tried to identify the leading cause of death in our cases. Methods: This is a single center retrospective study carried out at Bahria International Hospital Lahore over a 3-month period (May 10th to July 10th 2020) in which we analyzed the clinical and biochemical profiles of the COVID-19 patients who died during this period. Results: A total of 108 patients were admitted during this period out of which 11 patients died. 7 of them were men and 4 women. Majority of them had sudden cardiac arrest due to acute coronary syndrome followed by multiorgan dysfunction syndrome and acute respiratory distress syndrome. Conclusion: Acute coronary syndrome due to hypercoagubility was the leading cause of death in our patients.


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Rana, M., Qayyum, A., Hashmi, M., Saif, M., Munir, M., Pervaiz, R., Iqbal, S., & Hafeez, M. (2021). MORTALITY AND COVID-19: A SNAPSHOT OF A TERTIARY CARE FACILITY IN PAKISTAN . Pakistan Journal of Intensive Care Medicine, 2021(1), 3.



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