• MA Rana Intensive Care Unit, Bahria Town International Hospital, Lahore-Pakistan
  • B Arif Intensive Care Unit, Bahria Town International Hospital, Lahore-Pakistan
  • MH Siddiqui Department of Medicine, Akhtar Saeed Medical College Lahore, Pakistan
  • S Raza Intensive Care Unit, Bahria Town International Hospital, Lahore-Pakistan
  • M Hashmi Intensive Care Unit, Bahria Town International Hospital, Lahore-Pakistan
  • MM Hafeez Department of Medicine, Expert Doctor Private Limited, Lahore-Pakistan



social withdrawal, health communications, Intensive care units, COVID-19 Pandemics, communicable illnesses


During pandemics, hospital administration does not allow family members to visit their loved ones. There is a need to develop standards and processes that may be followed when a family member enters an ICU or ward to prevent cross infection. These rules should also be put in place during epidemics to ensure that family have safe access to their patients.


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